In April of 2009, I along with 40 other people went to South Africa on a trip known as Simunye, meaning 'We Are One'

The Simunye Project is a non-profit organization which aims to empower young australians with the skills and attitude needed to make a global difference.

Being a photographer, my camera was always out and as a result i captured over 4000 photos. On reviewing them, i found that it wasn't so much the individual photos that stood out, but rather the whole collection and the stories they told together.

Thus i came up with this video, Simunye 3096
(3096 being the number of photos in it)
I feel the video really captures the true essence of the experience.
If you liked it, i recommend you watch it again. Every time you'll pick up new things.

You can also head over to where you'll find plenty more photos and stories of the Simunye experience.


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