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What's Behind Time : Experience 2 of 6 "Cosmic Dust-The Second Pulse" Audio: Use Other Door

Classwar Karaoke

Video Direction and Edit by
Robert L. Pepper (PAS)

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A series of 6 audio/visual experiences. The video was processed first and then the audio was added later by different artists. The video was left open to their own interpretations in the form of sound. Each video is presented separately on different links. But the presentations work as a series from beginning to end of 6 experiences exploring the below text.

"It's hard to explain with words. Some explanations should be left to experience. The meanings of life are not verbal, they are felt. To express deep meaning I must communicate with visuals and sound without language. I must make a film. Colours and audio vibration,  to entrap the viewer in mood, in feeling. The viewer exits after experiencing the screen with understanding and not with words. If words are used they are abstractly used for their vibrations of sound adding to the experience of art, of presentation. I leave to you "me," in vision and in sound. I leave to you a memoir of my life, in vision and in sound. I leave to you a film of my soul. Alan Watts once mentioned that people once experienced things and then made words to describe them, now they make words before experiencing them. Let's avoid words, let's have pure experience of sound and vision."

Experience 1 of 6:
"Mind Before Matter:Thought"


Experience 2 of 6:
"Cosmic Dust-The Second Pulse"

Use Other Door

Experience 3 of 6:
"Form From Light Waves"

Anton Mobin

Experience 4 of 6:
"Plant Life Nervous System"

Rune Martinsen

Experience 5 of 6:
"The Organic Animal Materializes"

Laetitia Schteinberg

Experience 6:
"Souless Artifical Lifeforms"



This presentation is dedicated to:

Adrian Beentjes - Zoologic

Anthony Donovan - Murmurists

Jaan Patterson - undRess Béton

Thanks for your dedication
and hard work in support
of many great artists!

Thanks to:
Adam Holquist, Dzmitry Zhykh,
Veranika Hryn, Anton Mobin,
Rune Martinsen, Laetitia Schteinberg,
Anthony Donovan
for their wonderful audio

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Classwar Karaoke:


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