Here's a video using footage I took at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles, CA.
This is a 720p version (although most of the footage was shot with a standard definition camera. I only broke out the HD cam on the final day, for reasons known only to an inaccessible part of my brain.)
E3 is an annual, trade-only, event for the video game industry. It's pretty hard to get in if you're not a 'games professional'. However, this is the second time I've managed to get a badge (I went last year, too!) so, apparently, it's not THAT difficult.
I also attended Sony's Playstation press conference at the LA Memorial Sports Arena, the day before E3 began. That's included in this video too, along with far too much footage of the new Project DIVA F game, which SEGA reps assured me will NOT be released in the West. Well, screw you SEGA!
Music is, the very appropriate, 'World is Mine' and 'Melt', written by Ryo(SUPERCELL) and performed by 'digital diva' Hatsune Miku.

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