--Oxbow Final Project--

I’m interested in investigating romanticized worlds and the expectations they create in our own. Life is based on TV that is based on life. Some TV worlds are so fantastical that they could obviously never exist in reality. But many worlds are so similar to our own that they seem to be a part of our reality.

With this video piece, I visualized the dissatisfaction of attempting to create and to enter a world that doesn’t exist. Do we prefer these romanticized worlds to our reality? Or do they leave us unfulfilled?

Video is a medium capable of capturing reality from different angles, distorting time, and adding background music, thereby creating an alternate reality. At the same time, this alternate world is based on our reality. Although fake worlds are ultimately a reflection of our own, translating a fake world from it’s vague form into our tangible reality would destroy it. I explore this collision in my video piece.

Starring Evan McGiffert

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