For many, it is filled with distractions and taken for granted. Yet for
some, it becomes a choice. A choice to crumble and be crushed by the
painfully tragic burdens of life. Or a choice to face head-on the difficult
trials, to persevere through tragedy; to be a rock continually supporting
and serving others while following HIM.

The choice our sister in Christ has made. At a young age having lost her
mother to cancer, she continued to serve her family by caring for her
younger brothers including the youngest with down's syndrome. She endured
the recent loss of her 20 year old brother to a car accident displaying
amazing courage by planning and organizing the funeral.

And all the while continuing to stay close to the Lord and shared in the
Hope that He brings.

But her home, the place she must lay her head at night, was an overwhelming
project beyond her capabilities to fix.

With faulty electrical, leaky plumbing, and no air conditioning or heating,
her home was not a safe place to live. Between working, attended school,
church, and taking care of her family, she was unable to address or afford
the much needed renovations to transform her house into a home once again.

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