To understand how much a sunspot can change during its life I think that the only solution is to see it. So I decided to produce short movies of the biggest sunspots that i will see during my sun sessions. Each submit will follow the evolution in a range of 6-10 days using up to 1000 images captured with time lapse of 10 minutes.

As promised here is the first animation with multiple wavelight time-lapse.
This one show the dynamics of the Sun's atmosphere over 7 days as seen by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), following the active region NOAA 1460 in the month of April 2012, in three different wavelight to follow the birth of the sunspost.

If you would like to see a particular big and beautifull sunspot evolution, let me know the NOAA code and date, i will try to make it. :)

Movie produced by Paolo Porcellana. Data courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.

If you need the animations for didactic/informative purpose, let me know, I could give a better version

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