2012 Demo reel featuring some of the in-house visual effects and stage combat performances from our recent action adventure release "Angel Avenges: Abducted Angel" from Bill Black's AC Comics, Nightveil Media Inc. and CultRetro.

The Angel Avengers are inspired by the spy films and TV shows of the 1970's. Cult movie king Joel D. Wynkoop guest stars as our lead villain. The Angel Avengers appear in our ongoing series of independently produced short films, which we refer to as "live action comic books".

"Abducted Angel" is the fifth episode in the Angel Avengers film series and stars Jennifer Trieste as MetalGypsy.

Any and all violence and combat is simulated by actors and actresses performing in a fictional film.

Filmed in HD on a Sony FX-1 in 2011. Cinematography by Bill Black. Visual FX by JohnJG.

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