On June 11, 2012, three of the most active and largest meetup groups in Vancouver hosted The Lean Crossroad: Lean Startup + Internet + Entrepreneurship.

Eric Ries [@ericries] is the creator of the Lean Startup (theleanstartup.com/) methodology and the author of the popular entrepreneurship blog Startup Lessons Learned. (via Skype)

Dan Martell [@danmartell] is the co-founder of Clarity.fm (clarity.fm/) a startup that enables anyone to get paid for their advice.

Dr. Boris Wertz [@bwertz] is one of the leading tech angel investors in North-America and the founder and CEO of w media ventures and Version One Ventures

David Ulevitch [@davidu] is the founder and CEO of OpenDNS (opendns.com), the world’s largest DNS and security organization, today making the Internet safer for more than 30 million people around the world.

Mack Flavelle [@MackFlavelle] really likes games, the internet, people, start ups, making a difference, measurable change and the sound of his own voice.

Jesse Heaslip [@jjheaslip] is an organizer for Vancouver Tech Co-Founders (meetup.com/Vancouver-Tech-Co-Founders/). Read more about Jesse at id8.ca/about

Jin Lee [@freshmatrix] is an organizer for Lean Startup Vancouver (meetup.com/Lean-Startup-Vancouver/). Read more about Jin at linkedin.com/in/freshmatrix

Matt Astifan [@MattsMedia] is an organizer for Internet Masterminds (meetup.com/Internet-Masterminds/). Matt is from @webfriendly. He entertains #entrepreneurs about Internet marketing and #socialmedia. He enjoys learning about #startups, customers and LTV.

Uniserve [@UniserveCanada] has positioned itself to provide customers the one-stop-shop telecommunications experience. Uniserve launched Uniserve Cloud (uniservecloud.com/), its Joyent-backed cloud platform, in Canada.

Uber [@Uber_VAN] is your on-demand private driver. San Francisco based on-demand private driving service. (uber.com) Uber is launching in Vancouver and is currenly in “Secret Uber Phase”.

[About This Video]
Filmed by: Greg Lam | Small Business Doer Videos
Edited by: Jin Lee

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