No longer based on traditions stemming from religion, Commemoration offers a new set of rituals for remembering the dead. The service will preserve traces of personal scents to trigger memories.

A deceased person’s brush is encased with a glass dome. Brushes and hair have always had a strong association with intimacy and personality throughout history.

Clothes also carry a huge sense of person and memory. The service will abstract these by putting them into the breathing device. The user then places the object to their face to smell the person.

The last object is designed to capture DNA without it being contaminated. The service plots the deceased’s DNA, which contains MHA (the coding of human scent.) The customer is given the decrypted DNA data, in the hope that genetic laws pass allowing them to reconstruct their loved ones scent.

Special Thanks:
Rachel Mc Closkey
James White
Alexandra Graves
Ceri and Jon Perkins
Lori Snyder

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