Rise and shine, it's BLEEPin' summer
time! These are Ticket
Liquidator's top summer concerts
of 2012!
TOASTIE (CONT'D) Ozzy Osbourne and friends are going on tour. Has he got any friends? Can he even remember? I'll tell you, he's no friend of mine! He took a bite out of me!
TOASTIE (CONT'D) We're here with Jason Aldean and the Aldean Army...
JASON ALDEAN Yee-ha! This is my kind of party!
TOASTIE So how do you feel about winning the Ticket Liquidator Concert Madness Tournament?
JASON ALDEAN The who and the wha now - I won Mega Millions?
TOASTIE Lady Gaga's Born This Way ball is rolling into town...
TOASTIE (CONT'D) That meat dress was my idea you know. I've been wearing meat for years!
And don't forget Madonna. Make sure you're there, don't be M.I.A.!
I don’t give a BLEEP!
Get a slice of the action with Ticket Liquidator!

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