Screened at 'Alloa Poetry Jam' during the 'Clackmannanshire Storytelling Festival 2012' (02/11/2012, Alloa Tower, Clackmannanshire, Scotland)

Film by Swoon for the poem 'Orphanage' by Matt Hetherington.
Matt Wrote the poem for Qarrtsiluni (podcast 06/06/2012 -
in their series: Imitation: issue summary and index of imitative models

Words and voice: Matt Hetherington
Inspired by the poetry of Ian McBryde, particularly his book of one-line poems, Slivers (Melbourne: Flat Chat Press, 2005).

Concept, editing, additional camera & music: Swoon

I was very lucky to have been given the consent by Tschmite for the use of his video
and by Graham Gilmore for the use of some footage from "Chernobyl Zone May 2009 HD Part 3 of 5" -

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