SKIP of New York helps developmentally and physically disabled people get the help they need from the State and Government, most of them being children. It is one of the biggest Non for Profits in Manhattan and in the state. Lately the non for profit world in the state of NY has been under fire because of new laws that the Governor wants to put in place. Under these new laws, out of the 500 non for profit's that deal with the mentally and physically challenged in New York, only about 15 will have a future under these new laws and maybe even fewer.

With awareness about places like SKIP of New York, it will help gain a recognition that places like these need to stay and not be pushed to the side in order to gain the state more money. This is a fragile community and one that needs a voice because they cannot provide it for themselves.

Camera: Jonathan Mikol
Music: 6 time emmy winner Peter Fish and a special thanks to the late Phoebe Snow

This was the video that was shown at the SKIP of New York Fund Raiser. I shot the whole thing with a Panasonic Ag-Af100. The lenses i used were a Zeiss ZF 28mm, Zeiss ZF 50mm, and a Digi Optical 18-50mm. I used a Nanoflash to record everything at 180 mbs. I also used a Canon XA10 for a shot or two for some close ups.

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