"Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This year we were asked by Promax BDA to participate in a session consisting of some of the top design and production studios. The project required us to take a song from the pre-MTV era and create a music video with our own personal spin. We wanted to poke some fun at "end of the world" scenarios with some dark humor. CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" was a perfect song for what we were going for in our video. It has a sort of humorous melody, yet the lyrics were pretty grim.

Company: Thirdeye Design Group
Executive Producers: Manny Gonzalez, Rosanna Gonzalez
Creative/Art Direction, Design: Alex Di Mella
Lead Character Animation, Technical Direction: Robert Corredor

Will the world really come to an end because of that Mayan calendar thing? Was that last natural disaster a sign of an apocalypse? What about those scientists that predict planet X destroying earth? How about cult leaders, and zealots who preach about some kind of rapture?

When we take a look at all of these scenarios it's sort of silly, yet tragic how we've conducted ourselves in the past. It's engrained in our culture. Some people prepare for it and some laugh it off. It never fails though… we're always ready to believe in the next doomsday trend and forget how wrong we've been so far.

2012 has brought us to yet another end of the world date. One of many, many dates that never came to be. Natural disasters, nuclear weapons, religious prophecy, culture in books/films, scientific predictions, and wars all contribute to these apocalyptic scenarios.

Can 2012 really be it this time? One thing's for sure… we're still standing! Here are 18 ways the world was supposed to end, condensed into 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

See you in 2013!

3rdeye - CCR - Bad Moon Rising

Thirdeye Design Group - 3rdeye.tv/bad-moon-rising.html

Motion Graphics / Animation - Miami Florida

Alex Di Mella - Robert Corredor

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