The five-minute 360° audiovisual show was created in the middle of Europe’s highest cave, at about 3,500 metres above sea level. It dramatises the overwhelming majesty and fragile beauty of glaciers. In an immersive performance the visitor experiences an amazing panorama of the Alps projected on crystalline walls. The orchestral soundtrack combined with film demonstrates how human ingenuity can make nature's awe-inspiring beauty accessible to all.

Using the power of technology, the dark cave is converted into a breathtaking panorama of Alpine poetry using a 360° camera technique specially developed for this project. It's an audiovisual homage to the majestic beauty of the mountains.

red dot design award - winner 2012

To realise the seamless 360° shots TMS developed and conceived their own unique camerasystem which enables to produce with a resolution of 17.720 x 1080 pixels.
Panoramaprojection: 7 projectors with 13.056 x 1080 pixels resolution
Projectionarea: 170 qm
Size Sphinxhall: 24 m x 11 m x 5,5 m

Creative Direction:
Charlotte Tamschick

TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH in cooperation with Steiner Sarnen Schweiz


Marc Tamschick

/Head of production and project management: Steffen Armbruster
/Project management assistance: Anne Sebald
/Conception: Franziska Fuchs
/Jobs: Production, conception, creative direction, direction, art direction, animation, post production, music and sound design, implementation.
/Motion design, Animation, Postproduction: Marc Osswald, Sascha Eckardt
/Edit: Sascha Eckardt
/3D-Visualisation: Matthias Wolf
/Music- and Sounddesign: Klangerfinder GmbH
/Client: Jungfraubahn AG

/Lead-Agency, scenography: Steiner Sarnen Schweiz, AG für Kommunikation
/Overall conception: Silvia Schlecht

/Project management: Silvia Schlecht

/Audiovisual equipment supply and installation: Bildflug GmbH

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