We had wanted to shoot with Quimby for some time, and were in fact talking it over when Kiss Tibi came and sat at the table next to us. I reminded him that we had worked together many years earlier and explained our idea.

This was around the time of Quimby's 20th anniversary concert a big stadium event, and they were open to doing something more intimate.

This time we wanted to do something narrative, somewhat like what happened with the Hangmás shoot except with more stories. In fact both shoots took place two weeks from each other. That was an intense period for our production team.
We built up an old nineties style bar. and populated it with players from the Grund Színház, Budapest's premiere improvisation theater company headed by Andrew Hefler.
Our production designer Krisztina Lisztopád and our stylist Juli Szlávik, did a fantastic job of pulling together the visual style of the piece. We were going for late eighteen early ninetees, around the time Quimby started.
Gyori Mark and I designed a lighting concept that would be able to create two moods and environments during a live performance without looking like a concert. We had to find a way to cover a lot of material in a very short time.
We broke the song up into two sections. The first is life as it is, andthe second is life as it would be if evryone was more brave.
Later we took it to Post office where we had some more conceptual fun. We gave all of the slow bit's to Makk Lili, and all of the fast bits to Jancso David.
So The piece changes in editing style lighting style and performance motivation at set points follwoing the song. The result is two different worlds in one film. I think in the end it comes together very nicely.
In the end the performances were the key to the whole thing. The band played the piece perfectly time after time yet each performance was nuanced and unique. And the performers came out with great and unexpected gems. It was as Kiss Tibi described it, a miraculous moment. A kind of Live private concert and theater happening at once. An event that happens and then disappeared into thin air. Of course that is why we brought the cameras.

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