Filmed at a Hit & Run Invitational from earlier in the year, the seemingly random title is meant to give you a little insight into what I was trying to achieve with this video. The message here is one that needs to be spread throughout all corners of the Australian drifting scene. And no it's not 'Keep Drifting Fun', but rather keep it real.

Often when I talk with people who live and breathe drift here in Australia about the current state of their sport at a grass roots level, HnR's name ends up on the table. Most end up reflecting a similar opinion about them - cool looking cars, great dudes and how if they were hanging it would be good times galore. How is it then that sometimes characters behind closed doors and computers manage to grossly misinterpret what Hit & Run stands for?

This isn't a fashion parade or a popularity contest - what you have here are a group of mates who enjoy drifting and having fun - that's what this shit's about isn't it?

If you're having ego problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but trying to be cool ain't one.

Song: Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram

P.S - Thanks to the HnR crew for their hospitality as always & Scotty M for lending me his 70-200 as you guys could tell it was my first time using a lense with some solid zoom so it was a bit shaky.

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