Many times a company becomes good at what it does, but stopping at that level – it can become dull, boring and have no progress. We felt that we have reached a certain level of professionality and our films were awesome – but we knew that we were at risk of becoming a “just-another-wedding-video-company” if we didn’t keep evolving our art. We wanted a challenge. We wanted to do something that would make our heads hurts and our hearts racing.

This opportunity came when Burhon wrote me a PM on Facebook that he wants someone amazing to film his wedding. We talked over the phone and then met up. During the meeting, I brought up the idea of doing a SDE (Same Day Edit) on his wedding. He was interested instantly even though he initially wanted a standard package. The idea of doing a SDE for his wedding bothered him for couple days – after much thought, he decided to go for it and we started the planning process. We met up at IHOP for couple hours and just talked and talked and talked. We became friends and got to know Burhon and Oksana as a couple so much more now. We had perfect content for a Same Day Edit as they had an amazing love story.

Many wedding companies create SDEs, but they are only 2-4 minutes long – taking shots from the wedding and simply putting them together in a pretty fancy way to one short song. That sounds great – but we wanted to take Same Day Edits to the next level and make them epic (and a lot longer than 3 minutes). Our idea was to create a SDE that actually told a story of the bride and groom – not only through the wedding footage, but also through an interview that the couple would talk about themselves and their relationship. We would work really closely with the couple and help them bring out their true story on the wedding day. This would all be edited on the wedding day and shown 2 hours into the reception. Obviously surprising the guests but more importantly moving the bride and groom (and their moms) to tears.

So for the past couple weeks we have been working on this project. It was definitely a challenge, but I’m happy to say that we were successful at creating the SDE film for Burhon & Oksana.

I’d like to present to you – Burhon & Oksana’s Wedding SDE Film!

To make all this happen, we filmed 2 weeks prior to their wedding at Oksana’s Aunts house. We had a pretty nice set up. That part was the easy part. Editing is where all the complicated stuff comes into play. A lot of hard work and couple late nights were put in to prepare the edited draft for the wedding day. I planned out the whole day on what exact shots we needed according to the interview that we filmed. Touching up on certain aspects specifically. For example, the groom loves nuetella, so we planned for the bride to surprise him with exactly what he loves on their wedding day – nuetella. We wanted their story to be visible on their wedding day and we believe that we succeeded.

I received a PM on Facebook couple days after the wedding from the groom with this humble message to us.

I was unsure of whom to go to and even whom I can trust to record and create our wedding video. A wedding which to Oksana and I is as to everyone, one special day. I desired that this one day be remembered all our lives in a beautiful, elegant, and special way. Therefore, my expectations were quite high and my Beautiful wife and I can say that Aperina Studios have surpassed our expectations.
It’s one thing to simply do something at your best, but it’s also another thing to do something and love doing so as though it is your own. After seeing the crowd of attendees moved with amazement as well as myself, I truly saw and felt Aperina Studios took personal and deep care to creating this beautiful video. If I were to go back, I would without hesitation contact and immediately have them create our wedding video. Our experience with them even at a personal level was so fun and really smooth, they gave their honest opinions and gave clear answers to each and every question we had. Most of all, my wife was at total peace with them, as well as I.
Oksana and I personally recommend them!" - Burhon Jora

Our team worked dedicatedly all day non-stop to pull this off. My brother Paul actually flew in from WA the morning of the wedding to film. Here is our production team:

Vitaliy Lyubezhanin – Mastermind behind all this
Paul Lyubezhanin – Camera man
Paul Korogod – Camera man and shot prep
Valik Sevostyanchuk – Guest camera man
For all this to technically happen, we had to have some top notch gear.

3 x 5D MIII
1 x 5D MII
2 x Sliders (Glidetrack and Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly)
2 x Glidecams
70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
135mm f/2.0L
85mm f/1.2L II, 85mm f/1.8
50mm f/1.2L, 50mm f/1.4
35mm f/1.4L
24mm f/1.4L, 24mm f/2.8
around 450GB of CF cards
plus other stuff that does matters and makes it all happen.
We had 2 iMacs – one for editing and one for looking up shots and preparing them. As an addition to the challenge, I decided to use Adobe Premier CS6 (review coming soon) instead of Final Cut Pro that I’ve been using for the past 5 years. That was deffinatley a challenge as it decided to glitch on me for a few minutes.

Soundtracks and Song credits*:

Epic Orchestral Theme - Jordan Wiberg
Heaven - Alexander Maas
Wrapped up in Love – Marie Hines (soundtrack)
So in love – The Icarus Account
*links are to the licensed versions of the songs – find them on itunes for a lot cheaper to just listen to the songs.

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