This is the newest member of the Switronix Torch LED family. It’s called the BOLT.
It’s 1/6th the size of a 12 inch LED Panel and it’s 2 times as bright. No kidding.
It has two dimmers – one for the 32K set of LEDS and one for the 56K LEDS. You can control them
separately or blend both the tungsten and daylight LEDs together to deliver a very bright light with a color temperature of around 41K.

The BOLT draws 22 watts and has 200 watts of light output and a brightness throw of between 40 and 50 feet.
You can also slide the diffusion filter into the included filter tray to soften the light.

It can be mounted on the included ¼ 20 swivel cold shoe mount or it can be configured with an articulating arm on standard 15mm rods. It can also be mounted on a light stand with an adapter for outdoor use.

The TL-F970 battery that was specifically designed for the BOLT is BIG. I’ve run the light on a recent job on a fully charged battery and it lasted a good 3 hours. And it still had juice left at the end of the gig.

The unit also comes with a powertap output on the back so you can power the BOLT with a standard 14.4 volt DC brick battery by plugging in the included powertap cable.

Now the bad news. The battery is BIG. The battery is actually too heavy for the charger to stay plugged into a wall outlet. So plan on charging this battery on a flat power strip.

It can also be easily knocked off the back of the light. In my opinion the battery receiver was poorly designed and the battery does not really lock into place. However I will say that it never fell off while I was using it.

If you purchase the BOLT right now they’ll throw in a free TL-F970 Battery and charger which is usually sold separately for $80.

Contact Switronix or an authorized dealer for pricing.

Model: Taylor Macomber
Soundtrack: "AcidJazz" by Kevin MacLeod

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