Children with severe disabilities need careful guidance in, well, the basics of life. How to pick up a dish, turn on a tap, pour water, and countless other activities we do automatically. Having a collaborative team, and Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapist teach a "functional" activity class together helps the students work towards the same automatic practice. This class starts with a unique visual modeling session where students see images or videos of themselves engaged in the activities. Then each student "runs the course", performing each activity with alternating therapists. The Speech therapist helps the students choose correct object, picture symbol, picture, or word, the Occupational Therapist provides movement guidance while reinforcing the speech and language lesson, and the Physical Therapist provides fine motor strategies while, once again, reinforcing the speech, language and movement goals. All the therapists are in tune with the whole child.

The actual classroom practice videos are posted separately and can be accessed through the following links:
1. Introduction

2. Functional Goals

3. Making the Most of Breakfast

4. Learning from Peers

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