We asked filmmakers across 5 continents to capture 10 second clips of themselves or someone else describing their passions in life. The Human Passion Project was launched by Circcle.com, an NYC based start-up, to find out what people's passions are around the world.

Circcle is now asking people around the world to submit their clips to Circcle.com to be included in future videos. You can also see other clips from people around the world at Circcle.com/The-Human-Passion-Project.aspx

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About Circcle.com: Circcle is a new interest-based networking platform where you can explore and develop your passions by discovering relevant information, videos, articles, images, links and ideas based on the topics you care about. Expand your network through interest based groups with like-minded people, influencers, and tastemakers from around the world.

A special thanks to all of our filmmakers featured in this video: Lloyd Ramsay (South Africa), Paul Johanneson (Japan), Elissa Bogos (Afghanistan), Musing Pictures (California), Robin Varga (China), Emanuela Gualersi (Italy), and Yousef Kawar (Jordan). And thank you to Jon Smith for allowing creative commons use of his Uganda breakdance footage.

Thanks for watching!

- Harrison Winter

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