A quick video I created for the Thursday night service of Vintage, Missouri Youth Convention 2012.

A '67 Mustang, bow ties, music, high heels, fishing, Old Glory and apple pie, the word of God, the Day of Pentecost...

Just because something is old does not necessarily mean that it is outdated, useless, or no longer cool. Regardless of age, some things are just simply timeless. Some people, some music, some clothes will be smooth and in style from generation to generation. It is that which we call — vintage. It's every bit as useful and relevant today as the day it was created.

What took place way back on the Day of Pentecost, in Acts chapter 2, happened some 2,000 years ago. But that outpouring is just as real, just as powerful and just as exciting today as it was back then.

Times may have changed some styles, hair-dos and, yes, even means of communication may have faded. But the Word of God never changes, and those that call themselves, "Apostolic." will never go out of style!

Some say we're old-fashioned and outdated.

Old-fashioned? Not hardly!
Outdated? Not even close!
Vintage? Absolutely!

This is Vintage 2012 — New Generation. Timeless Faith.

Written by Luke Levine
Audio/Video recorded and edited by Cameron Holley.
Soundtrack is "The Power of One (Change the World)" by Israel Houghton remixed by Cameron Holley.

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