There is a Resonance between movement and sound. As a dance musician/percussionist and sound designer, my movement makes sound which, in turn, moves people - and their movement inspires me -- a resonant circle of expression. What if that circle was open to everyone?

Resonance FOUND is an evening-length, interactive movement/sonic/visual experience; a performance of dance, integrated music/sound design and a movement installation, catalyzed by audience participation and enabled by digital technologies--video tracking, live sound and video processing. It is a concert, it is an exhibit, it is a playgound; composed, improvised, new, reused--FOUND.

What happens when things do not end up the way we intend? Often, what is FOUND is much more interesting.

Participants enter a dynamic, stimulating space; a kind of physical/sonic playground with an aural and visual personality which changes in response to people moving through it. People play and explore this environment full of physical, aural and visual stimuli in whatever way they wish. Expectations may at times be confirmed, at times frustrated, but as people find Resonance with themselves and others, with sound and space, inspiration and inspired action become one and the same.

Video: Grant Bowen
Photos: Robert Brown
Music: Jeff Zahos

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