The Winds of Change is an exciting project seeking to capture on video the journey of an ex farmer working through the complete sea change, moving from tractors and machinery, from looking after sheep and cows, battling dust, diesel, droughts, etc .... to mastering the power of the blue sea.. . Yes a bush sailor.

Follow the inspiration as ex farmer John undertakes to restore a small 22ft sloop "Jaffa", learns to sail and records the whole journey on video.

This documentary is seeking to inspire others to be true to themselves, to chase their dreams and passions and yes listen to "the Winds of Change".

As a special addition , ex farmer John has sought the assistance of singer, songwriter and wonderful special friend, Mr Billy Miller, famous for his appearances on Rockwiz, as lead singer in the Ferrets, featuring in the Spaniards and with Dave Graney to record to music this special sea change, this story of pursuing challenges and dreams.

It is hoped that this video will become an inspiration to others wishing to listen to their inner selves, to follow their dreams, pursue their goals and never stops challenging themselves, never stop saying why not.

You can follow progress via twitter @jaffapozible

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