This is the 11th talk of the 21-Day Retreat given by Thay on the 19th of June, 2012.

00:00 Title Screen
15:27 Introduction
16:40 List of Apprentice Dharma Teachers
20:20 Qualities of a Dharma Teacher
22:09 Walking meditation in daily life
26:00 How to climb a mountain
28:37 The means become th end--arriving with every step
36:29 Mindfulness of walking up the stairs
38:17 Saying from Soto Zen: non-thinking is the secret
40:15 Contact: eyes and form meet to bring about eye consciousness
41:35 Feeling
42:40 Attention
44:41 Appropriate attention
53:55 Perception
57:30 Volition
01:05:30 Neuroplasticity
01:18:11 The five particulars: desire, resolution, mindfulness, concentration, insight
01:27:01 Svalaksana (白相)
01:29:47 The first 5 consciousnesses (前五識)
01:32:00 Manas and store consciouness
01:51:56 Manifestation
01:55:10 The image of a candle

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