Dr Glee - The Musical

Music and Lyrics written by Josh Bonnett
Choreographed by Rio Holland
Directed by Rio Holland and Leah Pellinkhof
Vocal Direction by Bethan Ellsmore

The Story:

With a long history of ridiculous and dangerous experiments behind her, half evil/half good Dr Glee is now ready to undertake her most ambitious experiment to date. With the use of her latest invention - The Melodipulator - and her team of freakish minions, Dr Glee intends to infect her latest round of test subjects with song and dance.
Will she succeed?!
Can she succeed?!
Or will she be destined to remain deep within her vast underground laboratory, tormented by her distant conscience?

Filmed at Centre Stage Theatre Quarry St, Spring Hill, Brisbane, QLD. June 2010.

"This video is from a preview performance by Starlight Theatre's Artist Development Program. Apologies for my non-existent video editing. I'm a musician, right? This footage was the closest. I'll put up a different angle from a different night's show shortly. Anyway, this particular video is missing the show's opening number (The Melodipulator) where Dr Glee and her Minions get together with her new gadget.
Song two; 'Blue Subway' kicks off this video. It is where the minion's future victims tell us a little about their drab lives while hanging out in the, umm... Subway.. They just might need a little Dr Glee."

Josh Bonnett

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