Anti-Christ Shadows Nations Kings Part 1 Warn Radio Wf-061912-antichrist-shadows1
Anti-Christ Shadows of Nations and Kings Part 1 is about one of the most notorious figures of the bible. That figure is Anti-Christ and much has been taught. We look at the shadows of Anti-Christ in history, among nations and kings. There, lurking among the shadows of human existence are men who are mere flesh, but considered as top qualifiers for Anti-Christ. In this we see Anti-Christ as types and our journey begins in Daniel and will end there.
Moreover the primary focus of this is Antiochus Epiphanes, whose name means "god manifest". This is a good name for a piece of flesh that had power, and thus took power by maneuver, deceit, and cunning. We focus on the man! Who is Antiochus? What does history say about this? In this we delve into and find some important aspects of what makes this one as he is. We find the major spirits behind him and also take the findings of th is to modern day.
Full of detail, resources, biblical prophecy out of Daniel, Anti-Christ Shadows of Nations and Kings Part 1 is an intriguing journey. This journey is filled with dates, times, events, and with real people who were involved. Don't miss this series and find the real person, the real spirits, the real truth behind histories Anti-Christ type. Antiochus Epiphanes is also known as Eminanes, meaning "the mad." Was he mad? Was he a devil? Was he man? Join in the journey my friends.
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