Welcome to AMEEscore!

You may be wondering… “What am I doing here?” Or…”what are the benefits to my company for participating?”

In most cases, one of your customers is using AMEEscore to assess the environmental impact of their supply chain.

AMEEscore is a measure of your company’s environmental and business performance in relation to its peers.

Your customer has indicated that your company is an important supplier, which generated your invitation to complete your company’s profile.

By adding your company’s data, your AMEEscore will be more accurate and your customers will get better information about the environmental impact of their supply chain.

There are direct benefits to your company too.

Proactively managing emissions, water and waste often reveals opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Capturing these savings creates business value.

By updating information consistently, you can assess your progress over time. See the benefits add up as you of more efficiently utilize finite resources such as energy.
Another benefit is that you can use AMEE tools to complete environmental reports called inventories or footprints which you can reuse for internal and external reporting.

Internal reporting will raise awareness which drives savings.

External reporting may enhance your brand.

Leading companies have discovered that working closely with suppliers and customers to reduce emissions, water and waste, reveal larger savings than can be accomplished inside the company alone.

Working together strengthens trading partner relationships, raises business performance and often reveals new service and revenue opportunities.

Entering your company data into AMEEscore is the first step toward improving efficiency, reducing costs, and building stronger relationships to foster innovation and share best practices – benefiting everyone!

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