June 8, 2012 - Breakout Session C

Tita Beaven, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Associate Head of the Department of Languages, Faculty of Education and Language Studies, Open University/UK

Summary: Tita Beaven's contribution will focus on issues around development of intercultural and plurilingual skills in relation to a four way telecollaborative writing project in which learners from four different countries and institutions worked together to produce articles for the Vivre en Aquitaine website (uk.aquitaine.fr). The development of plurinlingual skills is used to illustrate how learning design emerged during the project, and to discuss what happens when partners do not necessarily share the same pedagogic approaches or work in comparable contexts.

Sarah Guth, Lecturer in English, University of Padova, Italy; and PhD candidate, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany (Presenting remotely from Italy)

Summary: Sarah Guth will focus on issues of power and equality between participants and learner identity in online intercultural exchange by looking at the role played by three factors: choice of language, choice of discussion topic and participants’ geographical location. To do this she will draw from data gathered during two exchanges she has carried out using English as a Lingua Franca. In one, Bochum-Padova, all students were non-native speakers of English with different levels of competence whereas in the other, Soliya, some members were native speakers while the majority was not.

Mirjam Hauck, Senior Lecturer and Associate Head of the Department of Languages,Faculty of Education and Language Studies, Open University/UK

Summary: Mirjam Hauck's contribution will explore the role of e-literacy skills development and its relevance for learning and teaching languages and cultures online, multimodal communicative competence training in particular. She will draw on insights gained during two collaborative online studies with language learners and trainee teachers from the College of Modern Foreign Languages, Czestochowa/Poland, Teachers' College, Columbia University/NY, Paedagogische Hochschule, Heidelberg/Germany, and the Department of Modern Languages, Open University/UK.

Olga Tsiliuruk, Founder and Director of the Russian Language Support Center for Adults, “Lingvos Ltd.” (Minsk, Belarus), and Russian Language Teacher for Foreigners and Independent Researchers in the field.

Summary: GNL can bring about great challenge as to the process of the language education. This presentation will be of interest for foreign language teachers, learning design experts, administration staff of the educational institutions, business community representatives dealing with offering foreign language educational courses for the adults. Some practical aspects of the proposed novelty made possible through technological development in the educational field will be given in the individual presentation.

Panel Moderator: Ms. Sally Crimmins Villela, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs of the State University of New York (SUNY)

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