pulsing around - a sound installation by hands on sound and frauke schmidt done in the course of "undergo. the parallels" (undergotheparallels.wordpress.com/) in tbilisi and supported by the german "institut für auslandsbeziehungen"(ifa.de/). short documentary of setup and running installation.

the installation "pulsing around" makes use of a generative rhythm composition that gets played back in a public pedestrian underpassing. the rhythmic fragments are generated based on a number series that gets altered over time and through the influence of sunlight. the resulting pattern slowly evolves and the sounds - just generated by closing and opening a circuit over a loudspeaker - playfully interact with the acoustics of the space. even with eyes closed the different "clicks and cuts" explain the architectural form of the space since they are filtered, reflected by different surfaces and enriched with reverb by the room itself.

video edited by jakab pilaszanovich (pilajaki.tumblr.com)
music by janhertz (janhertz.de)


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