Donny Dokowsky “secret life of time” (Joel Fox)

I was lucky to have been given Joel Fox's "Secret Life of Time." I felt this short film had a natural arc, and once I found its voice, my composition was just a matter of enhancing what was already on screen.

Press Release-For Immediate Release-

Association of Music Producers presents:
A showcase of original music in collaboration with film.

Los Angeles, June 1, 2012: Last night the Association of Music Producers (AMP) premiered Muse2Music, a ground-breaking showcase of original music in collaboration with film. Twelve AMP composers converged to demonstrate their craft by each writing their own score for one of three short films. The films, commissioned by AMP-West in March and curated by Andy Snavley, featured the works of renowned Los Angeles-based visual artists: Augustin Kofie, Joel Fox and Tom Richmond. With only the visuals as a guide, what emerged was a surprising variety of stories and expression through the unique way each composer interpreted their assigned film. Says P.J. Hanke AMP-West president, "What this event shows is how only original music composed specifically for a film can evoke such profound emotion and story. You simply can't pull something off the shelf."

The composers, Alex Gibson, Andy Snavley, Donny Dykowsky, Jack Shenker, Johannes Hammers, Jonathan Still, José E. Éboli, Justin Hori, Liz Myers, Nathan Kil and Randy Lee were each on hand to watch the premiere. From deep hypnotic grooves to sweeping cinematic vistas, playful drum and bass beats to otherworldly sonic collages, each film score conjured something special. Augustine Kofie described the experience of watching his film put to four soundtracks as, "A surreal, powerful experience. Each score brought out a totally different meaning in the film."

Says Andy Snavley, who produced the three films, "When AMP asked me to develop the visual component of Muse2Music I thought of the most compelling artist/collaborators I knew: Joel Fox (animator), Augustine Kofie (mixed media artist), and Tom Richmond (cinematographer)" The films were designed to be a body of work, each different from the next, but with related themes of time, motion, energy, process, layers, and Los Angeles. Continues Snavley, "Each piece has an internal rhythm, inspirational thematic threads, an overall arc, and 'visual hooks' (opportunities for each composer to develop his/her score). Not to mention they had to be visually appealing, it couldn't just be a photo of a bar stool on the screen for 4 minutes."

Casa de la Suerte is a vibey club in Eaglerock that evokes an atmosphere of the Ibizan peninsula. There is a giant tiled room complete with a disco ball, a DJ-room and a wrap-around patio deck that is decorated in early Gilligan’s Island-kitsch. Under the technical direction of Chris Horvath of Jamnation, AMP brought in a 20-foot screen and a pounding PA-system worthy of presenting the stimulating scores. Ceviche, vodka, and tasty chicken skewers (presented by Tina Reyes of Elias Arts) fueled the audience of 100+ music and film professionals who gathered to enjoy the films and the camaraderie. Screenings were presented by co-hosts Andrea and Mark Andrews and took place in three pods of four films each, followed by a Q&A with the composers and filmmakers.

All twelve films can be viewed at
The Association of Music Producers is a trade group of more than 100 of the top commercial music and sound companies in the country.  Its headquarters are in New York, and has chapters in Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, Dallas, Austin and Los Angeles.

Screening Pod 1
Nathan Kil / So Loud, Ltd. "Commuters - Tom Richmond"
Jonathan Still /Jonathan Still Music "Accumulating Process - Augustine Kofie"
Liz Myers / Trivers Myers "Secret Life of Time - Joel Fox"
Justin Hori / Comma "Commuters - Tom Richmond"

Screening Pod 2
Johannes Hammers / Hammers Project "Accumulating Process - Augustine Kofie"
Andy Snavley / Bendy Music "Secret Life of Time - Joel Fox"
Randy Lee / Limebeat NY "Commuters - Tom Richmond"
Alex Gibson / Trivers Myers "Accumulating Process - Augustine Kofie"

Screening Pod 3
Josh Good / Comma "Accumulating Process - Augustine Kofie"
Donny Dykowsky / SKI Team NY "Secret Life of Time - Joel Fox"
Jack Shenker / Elias Arts "Commuters - Tom Richmond"
Jose Eboli / EboliMusic "Accumulating Process - Augustine Kofie"

Photography, Artwork, Inspiration by:
Augustine Kofie, Tom Richmond, and Joel Fox

Music by:
AMP West Participating Composers

Films Curated and Produced by:
Andy Snavley – Bendy Music

“Secret Life of Time - Joel Fox”
Joel Fox: Director

“Accumulating Process - Augustine Kofie”
Andy Snavley: Director, Lee Cowan: Editor

“Commuters - Tom Richmond”
Tom Richmond: Director, Andy Snavley: Editor

Event Sound and Technical Support by:
Chris Horvath – Jamnation

Welcoming Hosts and Emcee
Andrea and Mark Andrews

Composer Selection Committee
PJ Hanke – Sovereign
Tina Marie Reyes – Elias Arts

Muse2Music Produced by:
AMP West

AMP West Muse2Music Committee
PJ Hanke, Sovereign
Elizabeth Myers, Trivers Myers Music
Andy Snavley, Bendy Music
Tina Marie Reyes, Elias Arts
Chris Horvath, Jamnation
Johannes Hammers, Hammers Project
Jose Eboli, EboliMusic
Elad Marish, Swell Music

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