I read an article the other day with some statistics put out by the
Barna group. The Barna group did a survey and found that a majority of
people who claim to be evangelical Christians don't believe in the Holy
Spirit. This was disheartening to me. I wonder if this has contributed
to the decline of the move of the Holy Spirit in the church in the
United States? I think about the times I have seen the Spirit move in
my own life and I stand amazed. I look through the scriptures and get
excited about the possibilities as I read stories about what the Holy
Spirit has done.

I don't want to be a people that is always talking about what God did
yesteryear or always saying that a mighty move of God is just around
the corner. I want to experience the Holy Spirit in a real way in my
life and our church now! I want to see lives changed and hearts

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