Multimedia - Márcio Paranhos
Performer - Alice Gonçalves

Minus is the progress of a video-dance project that involves a sensory experience of the void, against the space entity. This new step is intended to make visible all the consequent dialogue between the performer and the space in an immersive and unpredictable environment.

From this first approach and attempt to exploit the immersion and contact to the observer, there is the desire to develop an interactive installation.
This installation is nothing more than an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between dance and technologies.

This format will involve mainly a non-linearity of events, result of the memory of movement that is detected by the performer after understanding the limits of its reality. Space and body are two elements that come in an innate contact, a dialogue that extends to the movement in a language that changes over time.

In an experimental visual component, which combines field recordings, animation and visual elements created in real-time, will be created an interpretation of reality that resembles a physical perception, trying to amplify the energy infused at the time.

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