Virtual Pottery is an immersive audiovisual installation that uses hand gestures to create 3D pottery objects and compose real-time sound piece. Using the simple and anagogic metaphor, Virtual Pottery attempts to transform body gesture into digital music domain in a compelling way. The body is transformed into this multi-sensory space as a way of sculpting sound pottery. It delivers the same manner when we do in real pottery creation; sculpting clay, polishing the shape, adding glaze materials, and finally going through the firing process. By using the simple hand gestures, the user can experience this virtual creation and sculpt their own pottery pieces, and compose a real-time music. The meditation feeling, but quite experimental music pushes the user to explore the relation between virtual sculpting and spatial sound composition.

Advisor : Prof. Marcos Novak
Technical Collaborator : Byeong-jun Han
Created in TransLab, Media Arts and Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara

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