June 20, 2012,

The cast of Verismo Opera are all volunteers and do not get paid. There are no lavish stage sets and costumes however what they do is they bring Opera to towns and cities which are far from say San Francisco which has a great San Francisco Opera House.

For people who cannot afford to go to the San Francisco Opera , are infirm or in retirement homes, the cast of dedicated men and women of Verismo do bring Opera to the people. They do it very well on a shoe string so to speak

Since they did not have a professional caliber photographer I volunteered my services as a Professional Photograpaher. Is this not what a Renaissance man is supposed to do?

Since this was the last "Video"' I created I placed the Epilogue and Farewell below:

Epilogue and Farewell

To each and every one of you dedicated, selfless men and women of Verismo Opera; for your magnificent, enthralling labours of love, talents and God given gifts, I dedicate to you my labour of love for bringing such beauty into my life and into the lives of others.

You share your wonderful talents, acquired through a lot of hard work, freely and selflessly with people who otherwise may never know what Operatic beauty you bring to them with your much appreciated magic in sound and motion that you so easily weave together to enthrall us.

You bring beauty to many people who otherwise cannot attend an Opera, may not know the pleasure of listening to Opera, would not hear your beautiful voices and see your superlative performance

Never mind if sometimes there are only four, ten, or two hundred people attending your performance. Just as the mighty Oak tree sprouts from an acorn, grows and spreads forth into a majestic strong tree, so all of you too will grow and spread forth afar. You will be remembered and loved for a long time for the joy you have selflessly given, for your beautiful talents and labour of love
Arthur F. Billy

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