Making a way where no words for the way exist
Open Lecture by Elana Dykewomon | May 25th 2012 | HU Berlin | lab: politicizing trans | transforming_ politics

The lecture will investigate critical writing practices with a feminist focus on dyke_transgressive locations and relationships. It engages the possibilities/problems of language disruption in sexist/racist society and within dyke communities. How can linguistic practices be used, appropriated, re_assigned, re_signified and how can utopian linguistic spaces be created? Elana Dykewomon will examine how theoretical positions work out in practical application and the problems of how current states of destabilization (economic, political, emotional) create difficult climates for radical re_invention.

Introduction by Prof. Dr. phil. Lann Hornscheidt

Elana Dykewomon has been a cultural worker and social justice activist for over forty years. She has published numerous critical essays and seven creative books foregrounding lesbian life, including the award winning Beyond the Pale (Sarahs Töchter). Elana Dykewomon was an editor of the international lesbian journal of arts & politics, Sinister Wisdom, for seven years and now offers private writing classes and editing through

Video-Documentation by Layla Zami |

more infos about the lab:

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