Kyle B. Clark – Engineering Manager at Dynapower Company, Member IEEE, shares a wealth of smart grid power electronics experience regarding the latest circuit design topologies and strategies for achieving the required performance and energy efficiency, with a special focus on modernist power conversion system architectures for smart grid energy storage.

Why is this important? Today, approximately 30 percent of all power generation utilizes power electronics between the point of generation and consumption. By 2030, it is expected that up to 80 percent of all generated electricity will utilize power electronics.

Speaker Bio:

Kyle B. Clark, Engineering Manager, Dynapower Company, South Burlington, VT, USA

Mr. Clark is currently the Advanced Systems Engineering Manager at Dynapower Company. He and his team of programmers, engineers and technicians are responsible for the development of Dynapower product lines including High Power Converters, Grid-Tied 60 Hz Inverters, Battery Management Systems and High Voltage Modulators. Prior to joining Dynapower, Mr. Clark was the V.P. of Engineering and founding partner of iTherm Technologies. He attended Harvard University, school of Applied Mathematics and Engineering where he was awarded the 2004 Engineering Thesis of the Year award for his work in flight dynamics and control algorithms. Mr. Clark has conducted complex engineering studies in the fields of power electronics, electromagnetics, mechanics, heat transfer and control algorithms. He has authored papers in the fields of controls, pulse modulators and heat transfer. Mr. Clark currently is an adjunct professor of Power Electronics at the University of Vermont.

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