One of the best ways of learning VBA is to take a look at completely functioning macros & code to see how others approach a problem. In this video lesson, I walk you through a Purchase Order Generator that I created using Excel and VBA. Throughout the video, the following topics are discussed:

- How to create unique userforms which allow users to input information in a separate window.

- Usage of VBA userform toolbox items such as Label, ListBox, TextBox, and Buttons.

- Coding related to specific events (when an item in a list is chosen, or a button is clicked).

- Declaring variables, and using worksheet functions in VBA.

- Populating Purchase Order sheet with relevant product information based on user's selections.

Download the Purchase Order Generator to follow along:

Also, this is the first video lesson with HOMEWORK!! Please feel free to complete the assignments in the worksheet and send to for feedback.

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