This was my second animation project, during my Animation Production course in London.

The requirements were to pick a pre-existing soundtrack and come up with an appropriate animation to go along with it.

The process:
First the soundtrack was selected, then interesting points in the soundtrack were marked and the exact timings written onto a dope sheet in order to plan the timing of the animation.

The actual animating was a multi-step process.
The first pass was just sketches in oder to get the timing and movement right. The second pass was the actual drawings. The third pass was cleanup. The fourth pass going over all drawings again with ink, so that the images would show up better during the recording process.
The drawings were recorded frame by frame via a video camera hooked up to a PC with a Video Capture card and a Video editing program.
The resulting single frames where then painstakingly cleaned up and painted in Photoshop. Finally, the different layers were composited in a Premiere and the soundtrack was added.

The Idea:
A rock climber slips and falls to his death, creating just a red splat on the ground. Little spirits suddenly appear and carry his soul into heaven. As he ascends, his eyes open again.

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