2 sept 2012 Sean Stinn was claimed dead by the Chicago officials, but nobody was allowed to identify the body. Therefore it is also possible that Sean was kidnapped in order to make secret Mind Control research on him, as they did with his mother.
In the USA a lot of innocent people suffer from Mind Control. The technology to remote control humans goes far back to the 50ies, when the Manchurian Candidates came to public discussion. The death angel of Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele, started with Mind Control experiments in Auschwitz and was taken over by the US in Project Paperclip, so he could proceed to torture humans as Dr. Green in the Americas.
Nowadays the Mind Control technology has developed to mindboggling dimensions. The chips have nano size, so you can receive them by vaccination, drugs, food, chemtrails, doctors. The CIA and other secret services use a covert, Nikola Tesla based technology, which consists of magnetic scalar waves. The modern Tesla, Prof. Konstantin Meyl from Germany, has detected and described this wave. On White TV and Vimeo you can watch three very important interviews with him. He shows that our whole body is working with scalar waves and that our DNA is a scalar wave antenna and transmitter as our cells and nerves are. Our brain is a scalar wave interferometer, using both parts of the brain. So we can manifest. Thoughts are using scalar waves, being quicker than light. Don't rely on Albert Einstein!
Sean Stinn from Chicago got Mind Controlled since his childhood. Later on in his life he grasped what's going on and tried to blow the whistle. Fortunately the perps need some 'guniea pigs' for their research, whom they let know (i tiny minority), that they are targeted individuals (TI). Probably because they need to train their huge computers (computer brain interface) how to react, if one mind slave is awakening. The goal is to chip up all mankind in order to introduce the New World Order, a huge fascist dictatorship over the whole planet. Listen to this interesting testimony.

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