Every life is watched by hidden eyes, every home is under surveillance, world's highjacked, but there's always a hope, a different way to walk on...

Directed by
Alex Saavedra

Meine Heimat

Photographed by
AJ Gomez
and Rafael Magaña a.k.a. Münki

Art Direction by
Lucero Montes

Art Assistants
Claudia Emilia Peña
Esmeralda García
Chela Rodríguez Mandala

Original Music by
Dj Münki
Alex Saavedra

Edited by
Rafael Magaña a.k.a. Münki
and Alex Saavedra

Lucero Montes
Andrés Maluy
Mónica Alejandra Lozano

Elva Dimas

Written and Produced by
Alex Saavedra

Upon the Poem by
Ulrike Almut Sandig

(in order of appearance)

The Man: Alex Saavedra
Paramedic 1: Dr. José Ariel Lozano
Paramedic 2: Jesús Oviedo
Bird Man 1: David Herz
Bird Man 2: Andul Zambrano
Corn Woman: Rosalva Eguía
Bird Guardian: David Herz
Inhabitant 1: Andrés Maluy
Inhabitant 2: Claudia Emilia Peña
Inhabitant 3: Elva Dimas
Inhabitant 4: Chela Rodríguez Mandala
Child 1: Ana Sofía
Child 2: Elva Malleny Gámez Dimas
Child 3: David Ortiz
Child 4: Samantha Ortiz

LaLuzInterna Films


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