Nerdworking team made an audio-visual mapping show for a project of Varyap - Gap Consortium is called Metropol Istanbul at MIPIM International Real Estate Fair at Palais Des Festival, Cannes. Their stand was built in Germany with our collaboration.

3rd generation energy systems, green social zones are some of highligths and its also functional design are some of the highlights. We wanted a visitor to turn into an audience with our spectacular hypnotic audio-visual performance. For that need, 2.8 m. x 5 m. white reliefs of 3 major buildings on a white wall was used for the audio-visual mapping performance by nerdworking. The performance was infinite in a loop and its technological components were simply effective products. The audience were fascinated.

Full Perform;

Documentation: Cansu Turan
Music of the video: Mujuice - Slow motion

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