This is the official theatrical trailer for the dark fantasy film, "Rose White" (2012). Produced by Breakwall Pictures LLC in association with TinyCore Pictures.



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Breakwall Pictures:

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Starring: Erin Breen, Deneen Melody, Daniel Kuhlman, Tom Lodewyck, Anthony Fleming III, Celeste Williams, Valerie Meachum, Sean Bolger, David Goodloe, Thurston Hill, Sheri Savage, Marla Seidell, Stephanie Andrews, Jay DeLaRosa, Ann Marie Boska, and Brooke Lodewyck.

Directed by: Daniel Kuhlman (Co-Directed by: Brian Kilborn)
Story by: Deneen Melody
Script by: Daniel Kuhlman
Produced by: Anthony Sumner, Deneen Melody, Daniel Kuhlman
Shot by: Jeremy Kuhlman
Music by: Matt Novack

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