This is the second trailer from my new documentary project, all about the Portuguese megalithic monuments.

Portugal is a small country in the Iberian Peninsula, the westernmost point of continental Europe, next to Spain. One of the oldest countries in Europe, it is best known for its heroic nautical achievements during the Age of Discoveries.

Portugal has some of the oldest monuments in the world. Some of the stones in Portuguese cromlechs were erected around 4000 B.C., older than Stonehenge and most manifestations of European megalithic culture. Together with isolated standing stones, dolmens and cave paintings, they act as storytellers in this film about the lost ancient history of Man, the underlining magnetic and telluric currents and forces, and the eternal condition of the human being.

Produced, written, edited and directed by João Abecasis Fernandes

Poetry by Rodrigo Abecasis Fernandes

Photography by João Abecasis Fernandes and Hugo Botelho Rodrigues

Music - Symphony for Eight by Philip Glass

© Mocho Filmes 2012

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