The Oregon High Desert Museum just south of Bend is an amazing place, full of hands-on educational opportunities and highly interactive exhibits for the whole family. Each day at 11:30am, the raptor experts bring the big birds out for a show like no other! This snippet is of a Gyrfalcon from our visit to the museum on June 21, 2012. We think the "Gyr" is one of the coolest birds in the Pacific Northwest! It's the world's largest falcon. A winter visitor that breeds in the Arctic, this awesome falcon can dive at speeds of 130 mph, slower than the smaller Peregrine Falcon, which Gyrs are known to hunt.

During the raptor show at the Oregon High Desert Museum, experts signal for the birds to fly and they will fly right over you! Other birds they brought out were a Harris' Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk and the world's largest owl, the enormous Eurasian Eagle Owl.

None of the animals cared for at the Museum can be released to the wild. Most of them were rescued after being injured.

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