Those who are easily offended should steer clear of this lo-fi and low-brow entry from Volcom. From Dylan Alito’s take on drunk dialing to motor boating madmen to drive-by boob tube lawn jobs, the “Stoners” sent it as hard at Superpark 16 off the hill as they did on. Intertwined with this pre-and-post shred mayhem are clips of Zac Marben’s three story high hip maneuvers, Daniel Brown baggin’ bangers off the chain, Dylan Alito’s loose lines, Frank Knab hucking double heave hos, Bjorn Leines’s seasoned take on the Seven Springs setup, and Scott Blum’s booming board control in addition to other riders keeping it real and keeping it raw.

Starring: Dylan Alito, Scott Blum, Daniel Brown, Curtis Ciszek, Blair Habenicht, Frank Knab, Bjorn Leines, Zac Marben, Cody Rosenthal (cameo), Jimmy Goodman (cameo)

Filmers: Jake Price, Pat Barraza, Seth Huot, Greg Weaver, Blair Habenicht

Soundtrack: El Michels Affair, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” Enter the 37th Chamber; Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony, “First of Tha Month,” E. 1999 Eternal; Apache Indian, “Boom Shak-a-lak,” Nuff Vibes EP

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