In the summer of 2012, PO-MO Inc. and the Manitoba Children's Museum are showcasing a 3 month special exhibit featuring interactive 3D animals. Children color an egg on a piece of paper, scan it into the exhibit, and choose where their egg will hatch. A 3D robot delivers their colored egg to an interactive wall or floor (depending on where they want their animal to live), and they touch the egg to make it hatch. The animal is motion reactive (fish swim away, birds flock and drop feathers when touched, land animals follow the children and spawn hearts when they are touched). Other aspects of the environment such as the spaceship are also interactive.

One of the coolest features is the 'reset the world' button (not shown in the video) which allows museum staff to easily reset the exhibit once a day so the world is fresh in the morning.

Over the course of the exhibit, PO-MO will be adding new behaviors and elements each week, so the experience will slowly change. By the end of the period, PO-MO will have an application which can be easily scaled and customized for a wide variety of purposes.

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