~ Lana Del Rey - Off To The Races
from the 2012 release - Born To Die
is copyrighted property of its owner(s) ~

This is 'Off To The Races' by Lana Del Rey from her 2012 release, "Born To Die."
Ok, so.. from the second I got this record on it's release date, I have not gone 1 day without listening to it. The melodies are genius and Lana's voice is gorgeous; her music is very original and a breath of fresh air (in my opinion.) I knew I wanted to cover a song, but there are only 2 up-tempo(ish) songs on the cd- it was either this one, or 'Diet Mountain Dew.' I jammed to both, and this one just clicked right away. I got very inspired and my creative juices started flowing. When that happens, I take it and run :) If you listen to the original track, there is hardly a beat in it besides the pre-chorus and chorus, so playing to this is very fun! It really has a completely different vibe from any other song on the record.
I am a huge supporter of this girl, I want people to hear her music, and I think she is an absolute doll.
Thank you for taking the time to watch :)

External drums played, recorded and mixed by: Lindsey Ward





(I entered this video in the 'Hit Like A Girl 2012' contest, and was one of the finalists! What an incredible opportunity that was!)

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