Senna Review

Talent is an amazing gift and skill is a must but we have to admit that success is made easier when you work with the best equipment available. For the past few years, we have been in search of the best available equipment we could use to our advantage to provide better output. During our research we have encountered “Senna” cranes and they say it is the “crane of the new generation”. With these feedbacks we were fortunate enough to be given a chance to try it out. Excited as we are, here’s our review for Senna.

Every part is easy to setup and takes little time to put the whole thing together. Once you have the right counterweight-to-camera-rig load ratio, setting up the crane becomes pretty simple and quick. The arm has two versions, the shorter and xl version which is perfect for events as you sometimes don't know how much space you have for the equipment until you're on the actual location. You can use the shorter one for indoors or go all out with the xl version if you're outdoors or in large halls. Build quality is durable. Also, everything is colored black.

The highlight of the whole minute crane package is the head. All the crane parts, once stored in its bag become one big load of dead weight. The motor head is very delicate stuff. It will take time to get used to it, and practice to get the proper timing with the crane arm and head, and proper handling to ensure you get the most of the motor head. Once attached, there’s an endless possibility of shots you can do with it. It’s easy to setup and fluid in its pan and tilt. Battery life is long, and there are both cables for power and remote for those extended hours of shoot.

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Special thanks to Robert Balasco for some of the footage used in this video*

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