Open source has been accused of being anti-capitalist, the saviour of government, and a way of breaking vendor lock-in and saving money in a down economy. This panel discussion involving senior leaders from open source organizations will explore these themes and provide valuable insights.

Open source is often touted as inclusive and meritocratic thus one might expect it to be more inclusive of women and minorities. In response to a great question from Greg Wilson in the audience about why ratios of men:women in open source are *worse* than in corporate projects, we had a great discussion of why that might be. We'll revisit this important issue in the future.

Panelists included:
* Ingres CEO - Roger Burkhardt
* Mozilla Executive Director - Mark Surman
* Eclipse Executive Director - Mike Milinkovich
* IBM Software Developer - Lawrence Mandel
* i365, A Seagate Company Software Developer - Austin Ziegler
* Redhat, Solutions Architect - Andrew Jennings

The panel was chaired by Andrew Ross

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