**Thanks for your comments and encouragement! Self has now been featured on Canadian Film site and has just this week been selected to be featured on Once a Week Film Festival.

A journey of obsession and metamorphosis. An artist searches for his own self-image through portrait.

'Self' is the second short film from [sic], a UK based arts collective who have already seen success with their first short 'Same River Twice' and book 'Split/Single'. Self carries on the tradition of alternative thinking and innovation that has been the hallmark of
[sic] 's collective efforts to date.

'Self', as well as being a film in its own right, is also the driver for our next project, 'When I Grew Up'. To be directed by Dave Huntley and Liz Dixon and produced by the usual team at [sic], this ambitious short film will go into production in August 2012. If you like 'Self' and want to play a role in making our next film happen, please consider a small donation to our campaign at .

Music was sampled with permission from "Girl Loves Death Boy" by the very talented "Costanza!" please listen to the full EP at

The film was conceived, shot and edited in one month. With all participants dedicating time on evenings and weekends towards its completion.

The Artist
Dave Huntley - See more at

Gallery Visitor
Ricky Charlesworth

Ryan Finnigan

Photography & Post Production
Ralph Mackinder

[sic] Producers
Ricky Charlesworth
Liz Dixon
Jack Dowell
James Durkin
Ryan Finnigan
Dave Huntley
Ralph Mackinder
Laura Salloway

Special Thanks:

Tim Machin, Sheffield Hallam University Cantor Galley
CADS Sheffield,
Sarah Baker

For BTS stills on Scene 1 -

For BTS stills on Scene 2 -

If you would like to contact us with any questions or to discuss a role in future [sic] projects please email or tweet us @wearesic . For more info about [sic] please visit


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